Thick Solid Sterling Silver Bangle

2.6″ Diameter Thick Solid Round Sterling Silver Bangle (in 3 thicknesses)

2.6″ Diameter Thick Solid Round Sterling Silver Bangle (in 3 thicknesses)


This Thick Solid Round Sterling Silver Bangle is simple, strong and elegant.

It has a plain (i.e. non-textured) but highly polished finish and is available to buy in 3 thicknesses.

The inside diameter of each round bangle is 6.64cm (2.6"), with an external diameter of 7.3cm upwards.

The Bangle thicknesses available are:

  • a 3.5mm thick solid silver bangle for £80 (see 1st picture) or
  • The silver bangle in the middle 3 pictures is 5mm thick and is for sale at £130.
  • a 6mm thick solid silver bangle for £180 (see 5th picture).

You can buy each bangle below.  Free postage to anywhere in the world!

If you want the diameter slightly smaller please let me know when ordering. If you want a larger diameter, this is possible in the 3.5mm and 5mm thick versions only (not the 6mm version), but please contact me for a price - the maximum diameter we can make is 7cm/2.8", which is a circumference of 22cm.

The Thick Solid Round Sterling Silver Bangle will weigh approximately 23-63gm (depending on thickness).  Absolutely beautiful and elegant. If you have any questions please e-mail me  here .

You can read reviews from happy customers:

on our website here, one  said "Hi Lesley.  I got the bangle on Saturday, and have now given it to my friend. She loved it. Thanks, Nikki"
Another said "Hi Lesley, Thank you again for the beautiful bangle, it really is a stunning piece of jewellery, and I hope to buy more pieces from you in the future.  Many thanks and kind regards, Lisa".
And "I received the lovely bracelet you made and I absolutely LOVE it. It is exquisite!!!!! Absolutely perfection. I hate to ever take it off. Thank you so much! I will order again. You are amazing! Candace". (6mm thick bangle)
And in our Etsy shop here who said "Absolutely thrilled with my bangle. Thank you so much Lesley."
This gorgeous bangle will be posted to you by recorded delivery from Spain.  You can also see this bangle for sale on Etsy here.


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