Sterling Silver Textured Head Band, Wedding Band (Single). Can be customised

Sterling Silver Textured Head Band, Wedding Band (Single).  Can be customised


This fabulous, Unisex, Sterling Silver Textured Head Band or Alice Band or Wedding Band has a textured, polished and shiny finish. It can also be customised if you want something slightly different, i.e. we can add a sterling silver tube so you can slide in your own accessory, to make a tiara; or we can change the texture or size!

A beautiful gift or special treat for yourself, this is one of our most popular pieces of jewellery!

Handmade, the single circular Silver Head Band measures approximately 4mm high and it weighs 20gm.

It fits an average head (measured across the forehead) and extends over the ears and beyond to ensure a comfortable fit - this gives the silver headband an approximate diameter of 11-12cm.

The ends of the headband are slightly bent inwards for grip - in the picture below though you can see a headband I made recently (2019) with customised, more 'extreme' ends (which was also made with a matt satin/brushed and slightly hammered finish, as required by the client; but for the same price).

Matt Satin Headband with 'extreme' grip ends.

We can make the sterling silver textured head band in other dimensions if you require (let me know when ordering). The Textured Silver Head Band is sold individually at £40 each - please use the Product Enquiry form below if you have any questions.

In the 3 pictures below you will see a customised, highly polished and plain (not textured) headband that had an additional tube soldered onto the top, so the customer could insert a vintage brooch through it and wear it as a tiara - this is more expensive (£60) but you can also purchase this below.  (click on the photos to enlarge them).

Polished plain Headband with tube.

Polished plain Headband with tube.

Polished plain Headband with tube.





You can read reviews from happy customers:

on our website here who said "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  Hello Lesley, your wonderful silver hairbands have just arrived in the post. they are absolutely beautiful and just right. a true luxury at an excellent price for items that are handmade to order.  as you can gather I love them and will wear them all the time – it’s possible to wear either one or both together. looking forward to shopping with you again. can you somehow “cut and paste” this email into your feedback system on your website please – or should I go to the website and leave feedback there? with kindest regards Rebekah"

and in our Etsy shop here who said "I love it! Thanks so much!".

Besides our lovely Sterling Silver Head Bands we also make custom-made Sterling Silver Tiaras

and a Curvy Sterling Silver or Copper Hair Jewellery Pin and a Double 2 strand Sterling Silver Head Band.

The texturing detail on the Headband you receive may not be exactly the same as in the pictures, but it will be very similar and it will be unique!

This pretty Silver Headband will be posted to you by recorded delivery from Spain, and will arrive in a padded headband box.


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