Ring and Bangle Sizer, Cleaning your Silver

Ring Sizes:Undulating Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold Ring

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You can use these Length and Weight Conversions if you don’t like using centimetres and would rather use inches, or you don’t understand grams and want ounces instead:

There are several ways to check your size before you purchase a ring:

  • The most accurate is to visit a jewellery store where they measure your fingers’ ring size exactly.
  • However, you may want to measure your ring size at home. In which case, you can use our ring sizer below and simply measure your finger.

Rings which have a deep band width will need to be slightly larger than your normal ring size.

Here is a table of ring size measurements as well. If you wish to convert the UK ring sizes to US sizes (or any other country) please click on this link here.

UK Ring Size Measurement UK Ring Size Measurement
A 37.80 mm N 53.8 mm
B 39.10 mm O 55.10 mm
C 40.40 mm P 56.30 mm
D 41.70 mm Q 57.60 mm
E 42.90 mm R 58.90 mm
F 44.20 mm S 60.20 mm
G 45.50 mm T 61.40 mm
H 46.80 mm U 62.70 mm
I 48.00 mm V 64.00 mm
J 48.70 mm W 65.30 mm
K 50.00 mm X 66.60 mm
L 51.20 mm Y 67.80 mm
M 52.50 mm Z 68.50 mm

Here is our Ring Sizer to download and print out – if you are unable to print this out as a full size page from here, you can right click on the ring sizer below (with your mouse) and ‘save the image’ to your desktop. You will then be able to print it out as full size. If you have any problems with this you can e-mail me here and I’ll send you back a full size copy.

Bangle Sizes:

If you are buying a ‘closed’ or tight bangle it is important you order a size that can fit over your hand.

You can measure your bracelet size by taking a soft measuring tape and wrapping it around the widest part of your hand, while it is positioned like the example in the picture opposite (thumb bent into your palm).hand-measure-bangle
Or you can measure the size of a bangle you already own, by measuring the inside width (diameter) of the bangle.




How to clean your Silver Jewellery!

You may notice that your Sterling Silver jewellery will blacken over time. This is easily solved by taking a few simple steps!

“Blackening” is a natural process that occurs in sterling silver as a result of oxidation (exposure to air). You may find that when the weather is warm your silver jewellery blackens faster due to the acidity of your sweat and the humidity in the air!

In a small proportion of people (perhaps 2-3%), sterling silver may actually turn their skin temporarily green – but this is not because it is not real Sterling Silver! This is caused by the small amount of copper that is in Sterling Silver (7.5% Copper, 92.5% Silver) that is needed to make the Silver hard enough to work with. This condition can be solved by cleaning the silver (with a cleaning cloth ideally) for a few days until the problem stops.

You can clean sterling silver jewellery by using either:

  • a very soft brush (an old, clean, toothbrush is ideal) with a small amount of washing up liquid – brush very gently so you don’t scratch your jewellery and dry thoroughly to avoid water tarnish.
  • a special detergent cleaner for silver jewellery (liquid dip or a jewellery cleaner cream) or a jewellery cleaning cloth (available for purchase at most high street jewellers).

You can keep your lovely silver jewellery clean, sparkling and in good condition with a little effort:

  • clean your silver jewellery regularly (as above)
  • showering with your silver jewellery on is a good idea as the soapy running water keeps the jewellery clean and prevents it from blackening.
  • swimming in the sea or in a swimming pool with your silver jewellery on is not recommended as salt water and chlorine can damage it.
  • keep your silver jewellery in a jewellery box or pouch, a closed drawer or a clear plastic bag with a seal (zip-lock bags are ideal). This will keep it from being exposed to the air and blackening and will also prevent it from getting scratched.
  • keep silver jewellery away from chemical substances (such as lotions and perfumes) if you can as they also can damage silver.
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